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Elliott Henshaw

David Sinclair
David is responsible for the wonderful photos on the walls of Ronnie Scotts. He also took some of the great photos of my band at Ronnie's.

Tech Music School, London
One of the finest music colleges in the country where I regularly lecture.

Allan Cox
Allan is great all round drummer and educator.

Ronnie Scott's
World famous jazz club that I'm honoured to have headlined at on more than one occasion.

Manchester Jazz Festival
Jazz festival that I've played at.

James Crumpsty
Photographer that took photos of me that have appeared in Rhythm Magazine and throughout this website.

Mark Adams
For 3 years, Mark played the part of Dean Martin in the West End production of The Rat Pack.

Daniel Parker
Photographer who took some of the other photos that appear on my website.

Ollie Collins
Good friend of mine from Manchester who is a fantastic bass player.

Mark Elvin
My friend and bass player on Priscilla Queen Of The Desert. As solid as they come!

James Turner
My friend and percussionist on Priscilla Queen Of The Desert.

Andy Scott
Great saxophonist and composer who runs a band called Sax Assault that I work for.

Agust Sveinsson
A great dummer friend of mine.

Manhattan Music
A company that I work for run by Toby Cruse, a friend of mine.

Company run by Joe O'Connor that I have done recording sessions for.

Dave Walsh
Fantastic drummer and friend from Manchester.

Olly Wedgwood
A great performer whose latest album I played on.

Mike Hamnett
Great friend of mine who plays percussion on The Lion King.

Mario Pietrangeli
Photographer who kindly took the latest photos of my band outside Ronnie Scott's.

James Pusey
Fantastic all round guitarist and friend who plays in my band.

Barry Robinson
A very talented musical director and pianist who is a great friend of mine.

Andy Rumble
Andy was the MD for The Rat Pack and a great jazz pianist/writer whose trio I work for.

Jennie Sawdon
Great singer from Manchester.

A great band run by Jim Knight and Nicol Thompson.

Mark Halliday
Friend of mine who is a very talented actor/singer.

Nathan Bray
Great trumpet player friend of mine.

Syd Lawrence Orchestra
A wonderful Big Band that I regularly work with.

Bob Knight
Great drummer and friend of mine.

Georgina Bromilow
A very talented singer/trumpet player with whom I have worked.

Pete Cater Big Band
A fantastic drummer/band leader.

Fiona Asbury
Great friend and talented saxophonist.

Drum Channel
Great site for news, info and clips.

The Rob James Orchestra
Band run by a friend of mine who is a great bass player and writer.

Rob Buckland
World class saxophonist and a good friend.

Darren Williams
Fantastic all round drummer friend of mine.

Dov Skipper
A great friend of mine and a superb drummer.

Sax Assault
13 piece band featuring 9 saxophones and 4 rhythm section players that I work and record with.

EcHo Custom Drums
The drums I currently use.

These are the cymbals I use and always have done!

Protection Racket
These are the drums and cymbal cases that I use.

The sticks that I use.

KD Drums
I had a custom snare drum built for me by this fantastic British company.

These are the drum skins that I use.

Porter and Davies
Creators of the amazing BC2 bass drum monitoring that I use.

BR Music Productions
Company run by my good friend Barry Robinson.

Drummer World
Another great site for news, info and clips.

Rhythm Magazine
A great British drum magazine.

House of Drumming
Fantastic drumming website by Steve Holmes.

Mike Dolbear
Another fantastic online drum magazine.

Audiophile Imports
A great site for getting rare CDs.

Astute Music
Music publishing company run by my friends Lauren & Andy Scott.

Andy Goodchild
A great friend of mine who took most of the photos on this site.